STUDIO CTT Carissa Ten Tije
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Bottom Ash What happens to our waste as soon as it leaves our house? This question was the starting point for the project Bottom Ash. After we throw our household waste away, it makes its way to waste-to-energy-plants. Our waste is burnt, and this process is used to generate energy. Good right? But, even after burning the waste, there is still a waste material left over called bottom ash. Bottom ash is the non-combustible residue of household waste after going through an incinerator. In the Netherlands one person’s household waste produces an average of 57,5 kg of bottom ash per year. This is equal to the average weight of a small woman. The project investigates the value of what seems to be a grey, lifeless mass. It shows an extensive research showcasing experimental possibilities as well as current applications. The mission of Bottom Ash: changing the way we see a residue such as bottom ash, transforming it from ‘waste’ to a potential material. Creating opportunities for new circular resources and materials, instead of further exploiting our planet’s limited natural recourses.
This project would not have been possible without: Twence Mineralz Tomaello B.V.
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